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There are many online resources available to learn more about Bioenergetics and a body-oriented approach to psychotherapy. Below are lists of both books (available for purchase at Amazon.com) and sites that you might find useful.

Books & Papers

  • Character Analylsis Wilhelm Reich
    This was a revolutionary book in 1933 when it was published, and it is still loaded with clinical wisdom. It tells us that a person and his or her problems are to be understood and worked with therapeutically both in terms of the content of his or her mind and the form and motility of his or her body- its observable behavior.
  • Family Pathways Project Lyons-Ruth, et al.
    Hostile-helpless relational models and disorganized attachment patterns between parents and their young children: Review of research and implications for clinical work. In Atkinson, L., Goldberg, S., Attachment Issues in Psychopathology and Intervention. Mahwah, N.J: Lawrence Erlbaum; 2003; p. 65-94. : This paper further elaborates the relational contexts which are empirically associated with disorganized attachment patterns in infancy.
  • The Interpersonal World of the Infant Daniel Stern
    A ground-breaking book that documented the careful observational infant/caregiver research which challenged many psychoanalytic assumptions about normal development. In their place, Stern provided a compelling developmental argument for body-centered therapy. He delineated early levels of self which exist basically at a body level. Since the core or bodily self continues as a distinct form of experience as long as we live, it follows that bodily approaches to bodily problems of self remain appropriate.
  • Betrayal of the Body Alexander Lowen
    A powerful presentation of the shock, despair and dissociation of self from body in the schizoid condition. It was out of the matrix of this book that I developed my clinical construct which I call cephalic shock
  • Bioenergetics Alexander Lowen
    An excellent overall presentation of the bioenergetic (body-mind) approach to the personality by its founder. Dr. Lowen interweaves his own personal journey of self-discovery with the basic themes and theory of bioenergetic therapy.
  • Affect Regulation and Origin of the Self Allan Schore
    This volume collates an impressive body of current research in neurobiology, developmental psychopathology and psychoanalysis. It documents the fundamental importance of right brain-to-right brain bodily based communication for the development of ourselves in relationship.
  • Infant Research and Adult Treatment Beebe & Lachmann
    State of the art clinical and observational research details the split-second, implicit, nonverbal process by which both parent and child and therapist and patient influence each other. This is a systems view of relationship: each member of the dyad and the interaction itself all simultaneously influence each other and are affected by each other.
  • General Theory of Love Lewis, Amini & Lannon
    This is amoving book, poetic and yet loaded with scientific data. Written for the layman, it describes empathy as "limbic resonance" and details that it is our implicit, nonverbal nervous system which underlies our capacity for intimacy.


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